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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Bring On The Challenges...

The Real World Hollywood ended last night, and although I thought it was one of the best Real Worlds ever, I am ready for a Real World Road Rules challenge. By the looks of it, the Island is going to be exactly what I have been waiting for. Basically it is the challenge gone Survivor Panama with all the cheap trash entertainment plus extra opportunity to connive and back stab. Hopefully we will see some of this Real Worlds cast on the show. Actually I hope I don't because I really wish the best for this cast (except Greg, Sarah, and Kim) . I would like to see them all succeed in Hollywood and not have to fall into the reality TV pitfall of celebrity. Will and Bree deserve a shot at success in the music industry and Nick, Dave, and Joey deserve a shot at acting or entertainment reporting. This season has managed to really show the true character of the cast, not just overly produced MTV characterization of each person. I also liked that they had 5 black cast members that were on the show because of what they offered not because they fit some stereotype of anger or token "black" role on the show. I really came around for Bree. At first I was bothered by her defensive desperate attempt at justifying stripping, but I soon came to accept the fact that any person who makes that choice struggles with it forever and I gave her the benefit of the doubt. Plus, her bad ass performance in the beat down  of LA want to be douche hipsters outside of AREA gets my approval and support for whatever Bree chooses to do with her reality TV career. Hopefully Real World Brooklyn will pick up where this season left off and have more real people rather than people cast just to fit a character for the show. Confirmed Cast for Escape From Ghost Island RR/RR challenge:

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