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Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Remember Lindsey Lohan? She is the daughter of the lady who has a TV show and that man who keeps talking about his illegitimate daughter. Well we officially have confirmation (sort of) of her relationship with a girl!!! Lindsay Lohan has apparently  decided to retire from acting (she was an actress right- or a singer- or a drunk girl or something) to become the arm candy of some lesbian DJ. To each their own. If Lindsey was really smart she would have started dating and gotten knocked up by Flavio Briatore. He would have at least bought her a yacht or something. She is really letting me down. She is ignoring her inner Long Island. Lindsey- to stay rich when you've ruined your film career you go after old rich men not young lady-boys. Anyway, On her 22 birthday she said, "I just wanna live a happy healthy year, continue on the path that I've been on and be with the person I care about. And my family." I wonder who she is talking about? Samantha Ronson has posted the above picture on her myspace page. BTW- Its pretty sad when your dads illegitimate daughter aka, your nonfamous-super talented stepsister is getting more press than you. Lindsey's lesbian shenanigans can't hold a candles to the three ring circus that is Michael's manipulation of the press. DNA, Defamation, Gossip leak apology, this guy is his own one man band. I always thought his reality show was the true diamond in the ruff.

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