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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Has Everyone Seen This?

This video, which has been turned into an add for Planned Parenthood cracks me up. First, it shows the hypocrisy in the insurance industry, and Second, it shows that McCain is completely out of touch with issues effecting run of the mill middle class people. When asked what he thought about the fact that Viagra is covered by most insurance policies while birth control is not, McCain responded with 8 seconds of silence. Good Answer. Survey Says...Zero!!!! Ooooh tough one. McCain voted against making birth control part of mandatory coverage, while Viagra is almost universally covered. Birth control may not be covered, depending upon what kind of plan you have. That makes sense make sure the man can knock a women up, then throw the women directly under the bus. Well this little exchange happened on July 10, but Planned Parenthood has turned it into a commercial that it will be running during Army Wife's and Oprah. Oh Shit.... McCain is fucked. To me Republicans kind of have a one track rich, white, christian, male mentality so this question shows a lot. I really think that he was silent for so long because he was trying to make sure that this was not a question about him taking Viagra. He was confused by the question. It was a senior moment. You can actually see him going through it in his head.  He heard Viagra and was like Viagra what? He was about to answer Viagra should be covered, then he heard birth control and had to think about it for a second. It took him out of his white, rich, christian, male tunnel vision that he is used to. For a second, more like 8, he was like "yeah that is weird. Is this what the middle class has to deal with all the time? Fucked up insurance policies, hypocrisy, and stupid things that get in the way of living life?" Then he was like oh well whatever. I don't know enough about it, and I am damn sure not going to take the time to learn more. I'll just vote the same way next time. Don't worry those Army Wife's will take care of him. 

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