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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

MTV Must Really Want a Third Season of Shot of Love...Are You Interested?

This shit is so fake it has approached and is surpasing camp levels of entertainment. MTV's mess of a bi-sexual dating show came to its disaster of finale last night in a way that it only could. Basically Tila dumped loser Bo, and asked Christy if she was interested in a shot of love (e.i. a shot of seeing Tila at the reunion taping and possibly seeing her once more before she dumps you and starts filming season three) and she said no. Yeah, just like that - no. Christy basically realized that this show was a total piece of shit and that there was no way she was going to be in a relationship with a piece of trash like Tila, so instead of doing the ceremonial yes we are in love until the reunion show and season three, Christy basically said fuck this shit- I'm out. I'm pretty sure the producers of the show were somehow involved in this "escandalo" because Tila is a terrible actress and her fake ass tears didn't fool anyone. There is no way I can take another season of people rolling around in food and pretending they could give two shits (shots? haha) about a trashy skank reality TV "star". They need to reformat the show and bring in a new trainwreck bi-sexual (Lindsey Lohan anyone? We all know she is looking for work). I do find it funny that someone makes it to the final two, then decides that they don't want a shot of love. I give Christy major props for fucking up the show big time. I am all about sabotage and that was a major mutiny against all of what MTV and Tila had invested in the show. Or, this is just MTV's way of having a third season. Whatever the reason, all I care about is that this crap fest is over and maybe we will be blessed with a Real World Road Rules challenge at 10 p.m. on Tuesday nights. 

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