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Sunday, July 13, 2008

I'm Glad I Don't Work at the Waterfront Anymore...

This story is really a tough one. Brian Lee, 19 of West Mifflin was murdered by an unidentified male at 12:40 on Saturday night as he was closing Damon's restaurant in the Waterfront. The tall black male entered the rear of the restaurant as it was closing an demanded money. He was met with no resistance, but unfortunately decided to shoot Mr. Lee while another employee was forced to let him out of the front door. It is unclear whether the restaurant has video surveillance or if there are any leads on the case. The Waterfront is a major entertainment and nightlife area on the edge of the city of Pittsburgh along the Mon river spanning over a mile of stores, restaurants, bars, movie theatres, including a water park. I used to work at a restaurant down there, and I have closed many of nights. I actually quit because of how trashy it was getting. It is nuts to me that someone would even attempt this at 12:40 on a Saturday night. The area is still heavily populated at this time, and it is anything but "quiet". Damon's sits kind of in the cut at the edge of most of the development near the river, so maybe this is why it was targeted. The Waterfront draws people from all over Pittsburgh including Shadyside and Squirrel Hill, but Duquesne, Hazlewood, and Homestead tend to mix in the riff raff. The area has been getting pretty ghetto lately. Earlier in June there was a murder outside the Eat n Park, and there was a shooting at Lowes a couple years ago during the 50 cent movie. There have also been some robberies, but this is still not the norm by any means. I feel bad for the family and can only hope the police will find the person responsible and he will be prosecuted for felony murder.

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