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Saturday, July 12, 2008

What The Hell Is Going On In The New Spike Lee Movie..

I love Spike Lee even know he has made his fair share of Turkey bombs, and he has a tendency to go on Kanye West Caps-blogging-rants. The Inside Man was an incredible movie (one of his best in my opinion), with one of those ohhhh ah ha moments at the end. You know, the ones I spoil for all my friends. So seeing that the two are being used to sell The Miracle at St. Anna movie makes me pretty excited. I think the movie is based on a book, which I didn't read of course, by James McBride that got some good reviews, while other reviews stated it was historically inaccurate. That being said, is it just me or is this trailer bat shit crazy?? I mean what the fuck is going on? Statue head, Nazis, Italians, boys with powers or something? This is like Saving Private Ryan meets Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull meets The Sixth Sense. This has the possibility of being one cool as fuck movie or a total shit mess on a M Knight Shamamamamlyn Lady In The Happening scale of a disaster. I mean train, plain, car wreck all at once with a giant fire ball explosion. I'm talking Amy Winehouse Saturday 3:00 a.m acoustic set after a free crack giveaway run on the pub. I love of good movie, but I am secretly hoping for scenario number 2. There is nothing like watching the press tear a movie to shreds. I haven't heard much pre release buzz, but the trailer in my opinion isn't doing much, and I think I can see the vultures starting to circle now. Watch the movie win best picture or something. Shows what I know.

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