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Sunday, July 27, 2008

I Guess Actors Are as Stupid as They Sound!!!

Shia Lebouf pulled a Lindsey Lohan last night by getting hit by a vehicle, getting a DUI, and taking major steps to ruin his career. Nice. I guess getting hit by cars is all the rage in young Hollywood. LeBouf really screwed up this time by getting a possible Felony DUI. His car was hit after trying to make a left hand turn in front of a car from a lane that was to go straight. His car rolled over. He was taken to the hospital requiring hand surgery and his passenger has head injuries. Shia was said to be visibly intoxicated at the scene. High Five!! I love how stupid these actors are. Lebouf is on record saying that he avoids the pitfalls of becoming famous by being dedicated to his work. This coming from someone who was arrested for a smoking, had a bench warrant out for not showing up at court, and then who was arrested again at a Wallgreens for provoking a security guard when he was drunk. After that incident he said "driving while drunk is one thing but drinking and shopping is just as bad". Oh Shia you know it all. Shia has also said that he avoids the party and club scene because Hollywood only takes you as serious as you take the work. Maybe Shia, like most of Hollywack, should actually take some of his own advice and listen to his own opinions instead of just always giving them. Shia's dad was a drug addict and both of his parents were hippies. He said he smoked pot with his dad at 10. I've done a lot of stupid things when I was young so I can't fault LeBouf, I just hate when people act like they are all high and mighty and above it all. Lebouf over acts anyway. Well, whatever, whats next you ask? Rehab, DUI #2, and I Know Who Killed Me

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