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Friday, June 20, 2008

Amy Winehouse Coughing Up Blood... Doctors Stumped As to the Cause of the Crack Cough

So Amy Winehouse is basically dying right before the worlds eyes after winning the highest honor for a recording artist (Grammy). If you haven't seen her lately you probably don't want to. She likes like a cross between a stray cat and the homeless tranny that asks you for change every morning when you leave Dunken Donuts (wait I think that is actually her). Well our little bastion of health collapsed the other day and the Sun is reporting that she may have TB because she is coughing up blood. The latest news is that she does not have TB, but she does have some sort of chest infection that is also causing an irregular heart beat and dramatic weight loss. I love how the doctors are saying they need to run more tests to find out exactly what is wrong... um, she is a crack head junkie that is what is wrong. If you snort heroin and smoke crack all day long and you don't get a chest infection then you are doing something wrong. The doctors are stumped on this mystery ailment. Come on, just take a look at her there is no ailment or sickness it is just a junkie being a junkie. She is perfectly healthy for a junkie. Her life is moving along as expected. Crack Cough is a mark of peak performance in a crack heads life. In all seriousness I give this girl a year to live. Its sad, but Howard Stern should put her on his death poll if he wants to make some quick money. 

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