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Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Days of The Majestic Star Casino and Don Barden's Life...

I have been covering the North Shore Casino construction for the last couple months. At first I was probably a bit unfair to mister Barden, but now things have just completely gone the way that I have been characterizing them. Like I said worst case scenario is a half built Casino on the North Shore. I said that months ago, and it looks like that is exactly where this is going. The Pennsylvania Gaming Board is demanding to know when and how Barden is going to completely get the 780 million dollars he needs to complete the project. They have already delayed a public hearing ( could you imagine the Yinzer disaster that would be?), and it is being reported that Barden has not paid more than 20 contractors on the job since March and that they are owed 10 million dollars. If they are not paid by June 30th they may walk off the job. Awesome!!! My nightmare is coming to fruition. And I was trying to be cynical when I made that prediction.  This Casino is really limping along here. Are we going to have to put it in a wheelchair? Barden remains optimistic saying that the building is on schedule and that it will open by May 09. The lawsuits by other business and licensing delays have been to blame for many money expenses ( Not the sinking of other Barden Casinos around the country). Well I wouldn't expect anything less from Pittsburgh. The Pens are waiting on funding for their new arena from this casino. I wouldn't bet on it. Like I said don't be shocked if you see this casino as the prize on the dollar progressive slots at Moutaineer!!!

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