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Monday, June 16, 2008

Aziz Ansari to Join Cast of Office Spinoff!!!

via Videogum. I am a huge fan of Human Giant mostly because of Aziz Ansari, so when I read this story my impending dread of the calamity that will be known as the Office spinoff was temporarily relieved. Apparently Ansari will be part of the project, which, according to Variety may or may not include a character from the Office. Variety reports:  

Despite early speculation that at least one "Office" character will segue to the new show, that's unlikely at this point.Instead, the show could potentially be a "planted spinoff," in which characters are first introduced on "The Office" before moving on to the new series (think "Mork & Mindy," which morphed from one episode of "Happy Days"). It's just as possible that the show won't be a spinoff at all (which could impact who's involved with the show), but a wholly separate series in the same comedic vein as "The Office."

Aziz Ansari took to his blog to express his joy of being included in the project, and in true Ansari form he showed why he is one of my favorite comedic personalities on TV. In response to being hired Aziz said  "I haven't been this excited since Lisa lost Top Chef!"

And just to finish completely ripping off the Videogum post here is Ansari clip:

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