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Monday, June 2, 2008

Tatum O'neal...Have You Been Reading This Site????

I have repeatedly said that when celebrities get caught doing stupid embarrassing things, most specifically that unpleasantness of being arrested, they need to say they were merely going "method" for a role. I suggested this when Gary Dourdan was arrested at Coachella, and have heard some off the radar attempts of justifying illegal activity (Hugh Laurie- Vicodin, Eva Mendes-Cocaine, Nick Nolte - general insanity) but no one has attempted such an obviously false version of the "Excuse"on a scale that Tatum O'Neil has. Don't confuse my promoting of this "method excuse" as an agreement with it. No, No, I have an affinity for this because of how ridiculous it is. The former child actress/crazy wife of John McEnroe was arrested last night in New York for possession of crack cocaine. She was picked up blocks from her Lower East Side Apartment for purchasing crack. When the police approached her she said "Do you know who I am? I am researching this for a role I am in where I play a Junkie." Well the first problem here is that Tatum O'Neil expected the police to believe that she is in a movie. hahah. She also had a crack pipe on her... Well she could be a really dedicated actress... right? Wrong. See the thing I find soo funny about actors and celebrities is that they think what they do is so important. They actually believe that if they are researching a role, they are allowed to break the law. If you have the specific intent to buy drugs, and you do it, you are guilty, it doesn't matter if you really didn't want them. A judge would laugh in your face if you tried to argue that in a court of law. But, celebrities feel they are different and above the law and that reality doesn't apply to them. You see they think they are entitled. They can break the law for their craft. Their acting world where there is a script, director, and producers takes over and they are unable to return to normalcy. I guess we can all assume that Tatum O'Neal is not clean like she wanted us to believe in her book "Paper Life." This is actually a good thing, because if you know anything about her life, she is way more entertaining using and boozing than living the straight and narrow. It is just time before she makes an appearance on "Celebrity Rehab." It is the job that her life has been building toward. It is her life's work.

If you want something else to do, head over to Gawker for the greatest celebrity drug arrests. They have that awesome picture of Whitney Houston with her Mink Coat on cracked out it a convienence store at Fo in the Moaning. Sigh.... I miss old Whitney.

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