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Friday, June 20, 2008

MTV Decides to Showcase Music... Imagine That!

So MTV has this brilliant idea that the network should play music videos. I know ingenious. Whatever corporate officer who came up with that idea deserves their 20 million dollar bonus. After years of reality TV (Don't get me wrong I enjoy the trash TV that MTV shows. Especially the New Real World that has finally gone postmodern on our ass; did anyone notice the former Real World members hanging out with the current members? Yeah I know.), and most recently waiters and waitresses rolling around in food to win the fake love of person famous for having friends she has never met, MTV has finally added programing that coincides with the networks name. We all know that Americas taste in music needs to be refined a bit. We are hardly sophisticated in the art department. FNMTV is a new prime time Friday night show that is hosted by Pete Wentz ( I know...baby steps) and consists of new videos from new bands and popular artists, and audience/ judges feedback on the videos and music (BTW they need to stop having comments during the videos some of us actually want to hear the music- This is not TRL). The show is actually really good and finally puts the network in a direction that it should have been moving years ago. People actually get the chance to see and here new music. I can only hope that there is more programming like this to come in the future. Who knows they may even begin to focus on real bands and artists making real music that pushes the boundaries of art and music. MTV has the ability to expose millions of people to ground breaking music and forward thinking artists. Europe has seen really good artists break  into the mainstream and become accepted even with music that is far from mainstream (The Streets, The Klaxons, etc.) Maybe the United States can catch up. This is a step in the right direction. Lets all watch the show to make sure MTV knows that people want to experience and learn about music. Let them see that there is nothing wrong with having music as part of Music Televisions programming platform. Perez Hilton is on TRL all the time, and hey, maybe they can even get Pitchfork and Stereogum involved to really make FNMTV a worth while endeavour. 

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