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Monday, June 30, 2008

RuPaul's Drag Race is the Best Diet Ever!!!

ME ME ME - video powered by Metacafe

If you can eat after watching this video then you could probably eat shit (fitting for a post about drag queens- reference anyone?). Well Ru Paul has a reality TV show with competing drag queens. I have never seen it and probably never will, but I am sure that I will regularly see clips of it on the Internet. This is a clip of a hopeful contestant that shamelessly ask to world to laugh at him. And of course, the world willingly obliges. I can't help but think of Jabba the Hut alone in his bedroom professing his love for Celine Dion by doing his own interpretation of the song. Even intergalactic criminal underworld bosses can fall prey to the infectious pop of Celine Dion.  If you can make it five minutes into the clip watch for it to yawn right in the middle of its performance. Yes, apparently all that singing, jiggling, and boob grabbing made our star a bit tired. He'll have to house a meat lovers pizza and take a 14 hour nap to make up for the calories that were "wasted".

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