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Friday, August 15, 2008

Amy Winehouse Needs To Be Put Down...

Amy Winehouse has been holed up in her crack den for the last month making only one public appearance, and causing controversy by claiming she will release her James Bond song even though no one wants it. Well, last night she made her second appearance of the month, and she did not disappoint. Doing her best "Big Foot of Georgia" impression, Crackhouse wondered the streets of Camden returning to her usual behavior of assaulting innocent bystanders and picking fights with people who have done nothing. I guess a bystander touched her arm concerned about her health and Crackhouse flipped her shit. (video here). Unfortunately she didn't do her "jar jacking" flip out which is my favorite. She chose to go with the more tricky "punch a random person," flip out, which can get her arrested. This time a women "walked into her hand," that just happened to be outstretched and moving at a high rate of speed. Actually, Amy slapped a middle age women and said/yelled/mumbled, "let fucking go of me dickhead," and "your a fucking bitch," as she terrorized Camden attending a fundraiser for her favorite bar that burnt down. That Amy, always looking out for her fans. Its nice to see shes back to her normal self. I almost thought that she was making music and being an artist rather than a crazy-junkie-homeless-big-foot-crackhead. Almost. Thank God she made me see the light. At this point just like that stray cat that has reeked havoc on neighborhood row houses, I think Amy Winehouse needs to be put down.

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