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Friday, August 15, 2008

Big Foot Live Blog... Read or watch below.

3:00 - Hunters were unbelievers until they saw. They understand how unbelievable this all is
- Hunters don't seem retarded, slow, dumb, country, redneck, or insane
- They are trying to protect the species, that is why they are not telling the location

**** Fox gives up at this point. WHAT!!!! what news could be more important than this? Ok website has the feed.

3:21- People in the scientific community have been contacted but they don't know their names.
-They don't make sounds,  they walk upright, and paralleled (?) the hunters
-Again protecting habitat is most important
- Hunter says that a lot of the people in the Big Foot world are delusional or jealous(?)

****Arrest at Disneyland of people dressed like Mickey Mouse!!!

3:24- They were afraid of the Big Foots at first and were shocked 
- Tom is in this with Rick and lead Hunter that is talking (?)
- They weren't tracking Big Foot, smells like something dead, but unlike anything that he has smelt before that is dead.
- They don't plan on "hunting" to kill. They want research done on Big Foot, so they want to go out and catch a live one. This is the real purpose of all of this.
- Bi-pedal
- Deranged women from Nevada convinced Big Foot people that she had one in captivity until they realized she was insane then separated themselves from her.
- All money taken from people was reimbursed
- "How much money do you want to make from this?" answer: As much as we can
- They say there is between 3500 and 7000 of these. This one was male.
- Why now after thousands of years have we found one? answer: planes crashed and we never found the people (?) Bear skeletons aren't found in the wild (?) 
- Movie will be released of other Big Foots walking.
3:30- Body will not be shown to public until scientist are done, and Megan Kelly from Fox News will be first to see it!!!! How fitting.
- DNA evidence will be released to reporters at end of news conference
- DNA has come back as human, inconclusive, and Possum on three tests
- Curt Nelson University of Minnesota is the scientist doing the test
3:24- News conference feed ends. 

So I guess these people aren't crazy or as crazy as we thought. They really believe this thing is real, and definitely saw and have something. Whether it is an organic once living mammal is still uncertain. Megan Kelly will be first to see remains after scientists are done with it. The DNA evidence is being released to reporters at the end of conference. DNA has come back inconclusive and human (the possum was from what it ate). They want to protect these things and catch one to do more tests on it. They are not affiliated with "deranged" women from Nevada. There are thousands of these all over the continent, and this is the first time humans have gotten this kind of proof because planes have crashed and we have never found human remains or the wreckage. Also, bear skeletons aren't ever seen in nature. This is all too compelling. I may win the Peebody for my coverage of this. I will try to clean this up, and update any new footage that is released. Interview with hunter here.  and here. AP article on news conference here.

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