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Friday, August 29, 2008

No Its Not a Joke... "Sarah Palin and Tall"

(Via Wonkette) John McCain must have really been having a senior moment when he picked his Vice President candidate. Palin is in the middle of a huge political scandal that has basically ruined her reputation in Alaska, and almost ran her out of the state. Sarah Palin is basically your typical "soccer mom" who got bored driving her kids to sports camp and decided to try politics. Well what do you know, she is now a Vice Presidential candidate. You know Sarah and Cindy McCain have the best meds. They probably go to the same doctor to get their Valium and Percs. Stay at home moms love to pop pills. McCain figured that he could court the disgruntled Hillary voters who Fox News made it seem where fleeing the Democratic party in droves after the Hillary debacle. The problem is that Fox News was over exaggerating the rift in the party, and after Obamapalloza on Thursday night the Democratic party is pretty united. Palin is super pro life and doesn't get the Federal government from- being in Alaska. That's pretty much her politics. Pro Life/ less taxes and government. By the way Palin was 9 years old when McCain was first elected to Congress. Nice. This lady is a former beauty pageant winner, so prepared for the most cookie cutter hollow statements. Joe Biden will absolutely tear this lady limb from limb in a debate. It is almost smart because no matter what Biden says it will look mean. Basically, McCain was trying to fins someone who could change his depends when Cindy nods off on Oxycontin. I think he found the person. Was that too far? I hope. 

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