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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Oh the Drama....

What is with Gymnastics??? Why is there always more plot twists and gasps in an Olympic Gymnastics team competition than a Friday episode of Passions? The team gymnastics unfolded over the last couple of days and so did the tears and cheers. If all the drama is too much for you read this article on Salon to summarize your feelings. First, the rather douchebaggy men's U.S. team surprised everyone and managed to win a Bronze. It was a pretty inspiring competition until the team opened their mouths and you realized they were a bunch of little guys trying to to make up for their size with a Napoleonic complex. The US team lost two of their best gymnasts and had to replace them with alternates. After leading the Chinese and staying in first place, they put everyone on edge and fell into third place only to hold on with a great last routine and win the Bronze. How:

I'm sorry I had to add the American Anthem picture after all that "final routine" talk. Not to be out done by the men, the Women competed today, also down a couple team members due to injury. They were in second place and had an opportunity to beat the Chinese and win the gold, but fell apart on the balance beam, and stepped out of bounds a bunch of times on the floor exercise. They still won the silver which is pretty good without all of their best midgets running around. I have to say that Shawn Johnson must be part Bulldog or something. The girl is built like a line backer, but is the size of Dakota Fanning. She could take out Serena Williams with one close line!!! She is incredible. She never messes up and flips like Sonic the Hedgehog. I wish I could say that this is the last time we will have to give ourselves a headache trying to understand what the hell Bella Karoly is saying but its not. The All Around competition and event finals are still to come.

In other Olympic news Michael Phelps continues to break records adding 2 more gold medals to his mantel of 11. He has become the all time gold medal leader. He has proved that he is not human, is retarded, and is a deformity of human physicality competing on a level that is unimaginable by what ever created man. He won the 200 hundred butterfly and broke the World Record with his goggles filled with water. They should really make him doggy paddle to make this fair to everyone else. He also smashed the 4 x 200 meter relay World Record with the American team going under 7 minutes. They are the first team to break 7 minutes in history beating the previous world record by 4 seconds!! 

China still leads total golds with 14 while US has 9. US leads total medals with 26 while China has 22.  After Gymnastics and Diving is over the US may be able to close the gap on golds and take over the lead. I think Track and Field and BMX biking should give the US an edge.

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