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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Enough of the Christian Already

Is it just me or is the Christian the lion video finding his human parents getting old. The fact that there are "remixes", imitations, and take offs of this video on You Tube should tell you that you saw this video almost a year ago, and when old people you know show it too your on their new cool i-phone you've had enough. I've had people show me this at least six times in the last three days. I've seen it on Fox News, Headline News, and CNN. Interviews with the parents, and further reuniting is The Insider's, Extra ,and Entertainment Tonight's teaser story. (I think we all agree that the missing Obese Cat aka Princess Chunk is the far superior obligatory animal segment). I definitely saw this video last summer if not before that ( I know I know- DORK!). Its pretty sad when you are such an Internet loser that can say that an Internet video sensation is soo last year.You need to work to stay on top of You Tube. Regardless, even if I hadn't saw it first (which I did), I would still be nauseated by it at this point because of the media exploitation/ over saturation. You know that when Larry King devotes an hour on it, its over.(Or When Whitney Houston is used in the video). This begs the question, what will be years summer hit video to take over America? Any thoughts? I'm betting on the video game dorm room.

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